The first women alliace in Upper Egypt working for supporting, empowering women in the sake of serving devlopment issues.

Background: A group of friends who were interested in women’s issues began to realize that there are still differences in the Gender Equality, Cultural, Social, Economical levels. Accordingly, the Alliance for Assiut Women (AAW) was declared by initiative from Prof.Dr. Afaf Gadalla (Founder and Chairperson of AAW) after her attendance the Beijing Women World Conference on 1995. In the year 1997 the AAW Association was registered by social affairs under No. 509 as Non-Profit organization. The AAW aims to support women as an integral part of society progress in order to develop our community in Upper Egypt
* Working Region: Assiut Governorate.
* Membership : submitting an recommended application by board director members.
* General Assembly: Consists of (150) Members, 30% of them are men..
* Board of Directors : Consists of (9) elected members, 20% of them are men..
* Contact Person : Prof Dr. Afaf Gadalla, Chairperson.

AAW Association Capabilities
The AAW Association is a member at different regional and international networks.

  • The Association has effective board of directors; most of the them are Professors& Doctors on various disciplines.

  • The Association has a number of professional full time staff and executive director as well as qualified training teams.

  • The Association has good relations with most local government demonstrations and executive firms.

  • The Association has strong relationship through the national & local mass media.

  • The Association has a well designed computerizes accounting system.

  • The Association has experiences in institutional capacity building for community CDA’s partners.

  • The Association has a large number of qualified mail & female volunteers.

  • The Association has a training hall equipped with modern devices and equipments.

  • The Association has a medical center specializing in early detection of breast tumors.

  • The Association has a library with the latest release in different areas.

  • The Association runs research unit & database for implemented activities and project.


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