The first women alliace in Upper Egypt working for supporting, empowering women in the sake of serving devlopment issues.

AAW’s Vision
Together to achieve integration in process of comprehensive sustainable development.


AAW’s Mission
We are a group of friends who have interest in activating the role of women and supporting the families capability to raise Social, Economic, Health, Education and Political level.
AAW’s Objectives
The Alliance aims to realize the following objectives:
1- Reviewing researches and field studies documents and performing new one for women needs.
2- Organizing advocate programs relevant to the women problems, particularly those of the disadvantaged groups .
3-Improving women health by providing services such as early detection of breast tumors & osteoporosis.
4- To encourage holding conferences to disseminate knowledge about the important currently events.
5- To prevent violence against women & children and illuminating the bad heritage practices.
6- To advocate community towards gender equality issues and women empowerment.
7- Establish relationships with various organizations concerned with women issues.
8- Organize training programs to improve the socioeconomic status of women .
9-To Promote a culture of volunteering and networking with NGO’s.
10-To work for illuminating women alphabet, legal and political literacy.

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